Chose from a variety of options to learn more about God and spend time in His Word.

Sunday Worship

Starting at 10:00, our traditional service brings glory to God through Scripture, music, and prayer.

Sunday School

Starting at 11:15, classes are available for all ages. Nursery through Elementray School classes and the Adult Fellowship class use curriculum from CEM. Sunday morning Youth, College and Careers, Women's Bible Study, and Men's Bible Study classes use the Bible as the source for custom built lessons.

Wednesday Family Night

Wednesdays during the school year we have classes for elementary, youth girls, youth boys, college and career age, and adults from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. This class time focuses on the fundamentals of Christianity. Childcare is available for children under 6.

Women's Bible Studies

We have three women's circles who meet monthly for Bible study: Jones Robinson Pressly (1st  Monday at 1:30), Jean Love (1st Monday at 4:00), and Alison Erskine (2nd Sunday at 12:30) There are also opportunities for fellowship within the church and the denomination throughout the year.

Men's Prayer Group

The men of the church  and community meet on the third Saturday of each month at 7:30AM for prayer, fellowship and Bible study. They are also paired up as prayer partners during the week and several outings are in the works such as attending a baseball game or bowling.

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